“A wonderfully readable reflection on the Theology of the Body.”  Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
 Archbishop of Denver

“Carl Anderson and Father José Granados write with a clarity, beauty, and intelligence that make these pages a joy to read. But it’s the content that makes this book so important. In a culture that increasingly devalues human life, this is a compelling, wonderfully readable reflection on ‘the theology of the body’ and the meaning of human love and sexuality. I highly recommend it.”

“Clear and engaging – accessible without sacrificing depth. ” David L. Schindler
Provost, Pontifical JP II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family

“The presentation by Carl Anderson and Father José Granados is clear and engaging– accessible without sacrificing depth. It succeeds in putting ‘the theology of the body’ in the truly profound  and comprehensive way intended by John Paul II. This book shows how for the late Pope the body bears a new vision of man–or better, a new vision of reality rooted in the personal: the body is an anticipatory sign, and already an expression, of the order of love that best characterizes the meaning of the person.”